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August is National Wellness Month and self-care continues to be the focus of 2021. Self-care comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and it can mean various things to different individuals. Self care entails looking after yourself so that you can stay healthy, stay well, fulfill your goals for yourself and those you care for. Since everyone's goals are different, there is no single path to self care.


CBT programs, like the one we are opening soon at IPMG, has been developed specifically for adults with ADHD. Some of these programs including ours, has the goal to help adults overcome their difficulties in everyday executive functions or simply put - "tasks." Skills in the ADHD CBT Program help individuals effectively manage their time, stay organized and plan their short term and the long term tasks. The program (as with other programs available) will also focus on emotional self-regulation, impulse control and stress management which is also helpful for many struggling with ADHD as an adult.

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