Marcos Martinez, PsyD

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Marcos Martinez, PsyD

My name is Marcos Martinez, Psy.D. I am a licensed Psychologist. I grew up in Southern California and went to U.C. Irvine. I completed my Doctoral degree at Alliant University in the Bay Area. I completed my Pre-doctoral training At San Francisco General Hospital Outpatient Clinic and returned to Southern California to start my family. I began working with Children and their families at Western Youth Services in Orange County.

I started my career working in community mental health with children and their families. Many of my previous and current clients experience defiant and impulsive behaviors leading to school, police and family problems. These children are good kids and their parents are hardworking people trying their best. But these families and their children need support and direction.

I have a Cognitive -Behavioral approach to working with my clients. That means we work together to change those negative thoughts that keep my clients stuck in a path of anxiety and depression. I also promote active changes in behaviors such as good eating and sleeping habits, a strong support network among friends and family, and I believe in an active life style for all my clients.

The majority of my time now is now spent helping adults in the IPMG offices. The adults I am currently working with have serious problems with their spouse or partner. Other clients have work problems and many are experiencing physical and psychological symptoms. By themselves, many people struggle with their current coping skills, which are not effective. In Cognitive Behavioral therapy we will develop strategies and skills that are more effective and have a lasting impact.

I want to listen to your story and work with you to find behavioral strategies to help you regain your family, your peace of mind and your life.

Dr. Martinez also teaches at Cypress Community College, since 2005. I enjoy introducing young adults about the field of Psychology and helping them prepare for the university experience.

Practicing locations : Claremont

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